Pascale Theard

Pascale Theard is a young Haitian-French creator that took the Haitian market by storm proving that perfectly handmade leather sandals and accessories could be “made in Haiti”. Pascale Theard Creations is today synonymous of our very own luxury leather line right at home with the benefit of buying something meaningful to us and our culture. Pascale’s inspiration is in fact totally rooted in our Haitian Tradition and especially our Voodoo Art.

Pascale was not only one of the artisans chosen for the exhibit but she also participated actively by her precious advise and mentoring.  I met her at her house at the beginning where we spent almost 2 hours figuring out which way to go. Time was short and the choices would have to be precise and targeted. I cannot thank her enough for her precious advice. She is truly an authentic Erzulie!

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