Einstein Albert

After 3 missed rendez-vous with Einstein Albert, the artisan who makes the famous lacquered wood bowls (Martha Stewart apparently loved them!)  that Port-au-Prince city had become so big that people from the south of the city just did not know the north and vice versa.   Einstein not only makes bowls but supports a candle wood plantation started by his father 30 years ago which  makes the  whole process sustainable! Bravo! I finally got the box of bowls at 7pm. They arrived in a Tap-Tap- famous painted shared taxis- written Jesus est Grand at the meeting point..Ouf! I got back home around 9hpm thinking that this project was only rendered possible because of the generosity of Haitians. I’ve always known this but to experience it “live” still amazes me and I still have to meet Einstein. We only spoke on the phone!

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